The Path of Kings

A Trustworthy Truce? (Session VI)

Fallen Knights and Flying Dogs

After the battle against the wolfmen, the Expedition spent a few days recovering at Oleg’s. In order to deal with the problems of rulership that lie ahead, the heroes chose the Dwarf Hegelinde Stonemark as their leader.

The party decided to grant the bandits and their leader Kessle mercy, on the condition that they swore fealty to Stonemark and joined the cause of the Expedition. On Oathday, the remaining bandits, Kessle, Ivan Ivanovitch, Kesten Garess and his clan, swore fealty to Hegelinde Stonemark. After a ceremony conducted by Emrys, a big feast sealed the covenant. Clan Garess was given the location of Rivercamp along the Thorn River and its surroundings as a Domain.

The next day, Oleg’s Trade Post was visited by Akiros Ismort, who proposed a Spring truce. After some deliberations, the Expedition and the Wolf Lord’s Emissary agreed upon the following terms: for the duration of the Spring season, Clan Wolf would remain in the regions of the Southern Greenbelt, i.e. below (and House Stonemark above the truce demarcation line, which was set some 20 miles below Rivercamp.

After these negotiations, the Expedition continued its exploration of the Greenbelt to the West, as the heroes had heard of the plight of two settlements in these areas. Although they did not yet encounter these hamlets, they made acquaintance with a strange, but friendly fey creature, called Perlivash, and fought a cruel trapper named Kreeg. Perlivash was invited to the Planting festivities, whereas Kreeg was warned by Hegelinde to cease his activities or pay the consequences.

Perlivash also told the party of an evil presence in the forests to the east of Rivercamp in a place of great power. The Expedition decided to deal with this danger and the settlements in the coming days.



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