The Path of Kings

Dear diary

Day 1

I believe the phrase rimes with “clucking bell”. One hears rumbling and noise, and of course there were the reports of the plants and animals, but if the tracks are to be believed, this is, quite literally, gigantic. Time to go see for myself.

Day 3

I’m screwed. One hears the legends about these regions and prepares for the worst, but this is quite distinctly beyond what could be described as “the worst”. Twenty-four undead cyclopes, plus one lich Necromancer of the same size. So actually, to be just a tad more precise, I should probably say the continent is screwed. What’s worse: they seem to be heading north, to these human warlords’ territories. Things haven’t been all that quiet around here since those improvising bands of adventurers started meddling around in the area to begin with, turns out that half-whit excuse for a ranger of theirs stirred up some forces way beyond his worst nightmares. Damned amateur.
Well, small chance things’ll be getting back to peaceful around these parts with a centuries-old evil freak of nature and his hubbies calling the shots. Looks like I’ll be heading north and offering my services to this baroness, which is the nearest thing to an authority figure around those parts right now. But first: time to run some errands down south.

Day 16

Were these cyclopes waiting for something? You start looking for their tracks north and south, turns out they’re still hiding in their mountains and only just getting a move on. Trying to get their timing right, maybe some part of a bigger plan? Also: turns out things could have been hundreds of Cyclopes worse. I may want to look into that later. For now, let’s follow this circus, see where they’re headed.

Day 20

To this Maegar Varn’s capital, that’s where they’re headed. And they’re not alone: rumours have it that out west, the entire damned Stonemark is on its way there as well, and not for tea and cookies. Well, this freakshow I’ve been tracking for the last couple of days is going to have to follow the roads north anyway. If I cut northwest through the mountains here, chances are I can gain a day or so on them and give those northerners a bit of a heads-up. And maybe a chance to run.

Day 26

Looks like everyone likes taking their sweet time getting to where they want to be around this place. Which, in the case of this, let’s call them versatile, Stonemark lot, seems to be “toward wherever this Necromancer is headed”. Brave. Apparently, they’ve managed to get the horse people on their side, which I suppose shows some kind of competence. Also, they’ve forged some temporary alliance with these Fey creatures I kept running into out west a couple of years ago, which I suppose shows an equal helping of foolishness. Better stay out of sight for the time being and find out a bit more about their game plan.

Day 30

Well, you can’t stay out of the limelight forever, can you? I’ve crossed the river and thrown the dice: Stonemark it is, for the time being. Also, I might just have stumbled upon the possible plan of these Cyclopes, the one that I was suspecting a whiff of a couple of days ago: this Varn fellow. There’s something more than suspicious about him: guy reappears out of nowhere after months (which he very likely spent in the hospitable claws of a power-hungry undead sorcerer, I might add) with a one-eyed raven on his shoulder, and not one of these Swordlord types seems to get even the least bit suspicious: what in seven hells is that about?! He reeks of undead, I can almost smell it.
Thing is: these Stonemark fellows actually have the right hunch, but Varn was getting pretty close to having his fellow lordlings convinced of some kind of botched-up complot theory against him. Meanwhile, out east some far, ahum, greater danger is getting, well, dangerously close. And so a Half-Elf sees himself forced to step in. Let’s hope these scouts the Swordlords sent out manage to get a good look at the giant shadow lurking over them. In the meantime, if only we were able to find out what this Varn fellow is and what he’s about, that would probably help “our” (I’ll need to get reacquainted with that word) cause a considerable deal as well. They’re all huddling up again tomorrow, I’ll sleep on it a bit, see if I can come up with a plan by that time.



Dear diary

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