The Path of Kings

Everybody lives

Just this once

“_…and with a fell blow Baroness Hegelinde of the Stonemark beheaded the Lady with the Green Hair, effectively ending the invasion of Golarion from the Fellnight Realm. The heroes quickly returned to the Prime Material Plane after having vanquished the mighty would-be Goddess and her lieutenants. Upon seeing the grisly trophy which the heroes had claimed, the Army of Darkness routed and the world would see another sunlit day. The brave men and women that ventured into the Fellnight to bring this about were Hegelinde, Baroness of the Stonemark; Dashira, her bodyguard; Sarjen, a master of the arcane; Arcadius, a great captain of the Winter Court; Fingon, Olin, Sharat, and Olfir, his best swords; and the author of these pages.
The last of those who ventured into that realm was perhaps the bravest of them all, for he knew best the dangers that lurked there, Perlivash, Guardian of the Woods and Emissary of the Seelie Court.

And so, just two years after setting out from Restov to colonise the Stolen Lands, ends the first chapter of the establishment of the Stonemark. The following years would be spent combating the Evil necromancer, Vordakai and consolidating the reign of King Quentin Rogarvia. _"

“But that,”, thought Emrys as he put down his quill, sanded the page and closed the book with a big thud, “is a tale for another occasion.”



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