The Path of Kings

From Brevoy (with love?)

Emrys looked out his window at the twilit city. The towers of Brevoy loomed like dark sentinels in the rain and his mind wandered as he stroked his beard.
“Rain, so much rain… It simply won’t do…”, he murmured at the sky and then returned to his writing desk, whispering the candles back to life.

He took up his quill and started a letter:
“My Lady of Stonemark,
My dear friends,

My nocturnal flight was not without reward and I look forward to the day of our reunion! There is much I would share with you that letters could not bear.

I write to you concerning two matters of some importance.

First and foremost, for the well being of the realm, I would urge you all to be at your best at Varn Hold. Do not play your cards too openly. Though it is a trait I greatly admire in the Dwarves, the politics of these lands are run on human laws, and they somewhat less direct in their dealings. Look to strengthen your hold on the Greenbelt and know how far you can go and look for allies as well, I feel we may need them before long.
I will ride out as soon as possible, but fear for my timely arrival.

Secondly, I hope that our good Lord of Lofield has shown great wisdom regarding the spiritual welfare of his realm. Though I do not doubt that both the Lord of the Woods and the Lord of the Forge would have greatly appreciated new followers, it is Desna that should rightly govern the hamlet. This being said, and my faith in Thorismund’s abilities unshakeable, I hereby announce my intention to stand down from my office as High Priest come Summer. I would be so bold as to suggest transferring the responsibility to the much more suited and aforementioned candidate.
Speaking of suited candidates, I have just the idea about who should take up the role of Warden of the Realm in Thorismund’s stead. Ivan has shown great worth in training the troops at the Trade Post and I believe there to be no man better suited for the task.
It might be a good idea to inform him of your decision before you leave for the Land Diet, we wouldn’t want to leave the realm ungoverned and unprotected in our absence, would we?

With the most affectionate greetings, I sign under the Watchful Eye of Erastil,


He then took a small roll of parchment and scribbled:

“_My dear Ivan,_
I hope this missive reaches the Trade Post in time and spares you the burden of the road. Would you be so kind as to deliver the adjoined letter to Lady Stonemark? Should she and her company have already left, I would be of deepest gratitude if you traveled after her to hand it over personally.

With the deepest affection,


_PS: Give my love to Kessle."

He tied the two notes together and walked out of his room and up to the top of the tower. The old man smiled as he saw the clear night sky and felt the fresh Spring wind liven up the night. He walked over to the hawk that sat perched on one of the battlements and cooed gently as he pulled a dead mouse from one of his many pockets.
“Thank you for waiting, my friend”, the druid whispered as the beast ruffled its feathers and eyed the dead meat. He stroked the proud bird’s back before tying its load to its paw, looking happily on as the bird devoured the small rodent.
“Good, that should give you strength.” Emrys picked up the hawk, whispered in its ear to take the message to Ivan Ivanovich and threw the bird up in the air.
“Fly, fly with all haste and put the fastest winds to shame!”



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