The Path of Kings

The Kingmaker

The fire in the guest quarters of the Trade Post burned brightly after the battle, its smoke lazily drifting up through the rafters.
With eyes like burning embers, the old man looked around at those gathered for this important meeting.

“We have been on the road for some time now and we have gotten along admirably.”, he paused to drink from his cup,
“but the times are changing, and drastically so! Today we have won our first important victory, through great courage and strength of arms. Each man and woman who fought with us is worthy of the title hero, those that live and those that died. I do not doubt that many more such battles will befall us, not only is the Wolf Lord still at large, the Greenbelt hides Powers far greater than most us of can yet imagine. Trying times are ahead of us and if we want more people, be they Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, Orc, Man, Kobold or whatever else to join us, to flock to our cause, we must give them something to rally to. A mission, a cause, an ideal! And that something must be personified in a someone, a leader that will inspire loyalty in his or her followers, that will act with wisdom and kindness, but who will be just and righteous at the same time. We will need to pick our leader tonight, we must appoint a Lord Warden of the Greenbelt if we expect Kesten Garess to swear allegiance to our cause on the morrow.”

Emrys looked around at his fellow party members, his eyes probing deep into their souls.
“Who would lead and who would follow?”


A few OOC side-remarks on this topic.
Firstly, the Ruler and especially his ability scores will have an important role in the building of the Kingdom. From a mechanical point of view, a bad charisma score will put a Ruler at a serious disadvantage (but it is far from impossible to rule with low charisma).
Secondly, the Ruler will be able to appoint Delegates who take over some of the burden of his/her rule. The Ruler will also spend more time adventuring than sitting on his/her throne :)
Thirdly, equally important to the Ruler will be the Domain Leaders, i.e. the vassals of the Ruler who will, more or less independently, rule a portion of the Kingdom. As the Kingdom grows in size, Domain Leaders will have to be both PCs and allied NPCs.

More technical information on Domains etc. can be found here:

The Kingmaker

Oh, and if no one steps up, I’ll have everyone roll an opposed Charisma check and the one who wins is considered the Expedition’s leader for the time being. And yes, this is a threat :)

The Kingmaker

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown…”, Thorismund murmured.

“I will support that man or woman among us who is deemed most fit to lead. Yet I am not inclined to take up that position. It is not within my nature.”

The Kingmaker

Emrys nodded understandingly at the Dwarf and looked at the others.

“Thorismund speaks true and the old adage is even more so, but it does not mention that this burden can be lightened by good council and stout friendship. Something we should all supply in great abundance, though each where their faculties allow.”, he said with a smile as his gazed lingered on certain individuals a little longer than on others.

“Now.”, Emrys put down his cup and heaved himself up from his seat on Ivan’s shoulder, “Who elses wishes to to speak?”

The Kingmaker

Neega stepped from the shadows, closer to the fire. The flames lit her half-orc features.
“It’s important that this leader of ours has a trustworthy appearance. If he or she is to unite all of the peoples in the Greenbelt, all must feel equal. Trust is the first step.” Neega gave a low growl.

“Whilst I don’t want to speak against my own people, they and so I, have a rather…specific history in relation to other peoples. So I don’t think uniting us all would be a thing for a half orc. Do not consider me a candidate for the job.” She looked around, one eye half closed with what looked like an infection from a battle wound.
“Nonetheless, there are those here who have the potential. And we have grown a strong bond. I will stand behind whoever here wants to step forward.” Yet, as she stepped back again, some saw her glimpse toward Hegelinde, the Dwarven woman.

The Kingmaker

The look in the old man’s eyes softened and he nodded proudly at the young half-orc.
“Well spoken, Neega, well spoken indeed, though as always, what was not said bore greater meaning.”

He looked around again.

“Does anyone else feel the need to speak up?”

The Kingmaker

Milon took a sip of his wine, reminiscing on his own upbringing and the adventures of the past few weeks, and hesitantly joined his voice to the discussion.

“I fear that my lack of patience and diplomatic skills have already brought trouble to our group once too often. I feel altogether too young and inexperienced to be a just and stable Ruler anytime soon. However, having spent the bulk of what few years my life counts so far under a yoke of oppression, I strongly feel that I can only endorse a leading figure who, by virtue of his of her descent and temperament, can be trusted to build a realm where all inhabitants will be judged by their actions and good intentions, instead of by their looks or race.”

As he spoke, he glanced around the circle of people he had begun to trust for their wisdom and courage, and his eyes held still in the corner where both of his dwarven companions had chosen to sit.

The Kingmaker

“A multi-racial kingdom with open and free trade… And for once not under a human ruler… Well well… Wouldn’t that be a novelty…” Hegelinde downs her drink. Although this was never the intention in setting out on this quest, now the picture in her mind becomes more tempting by the minute…

Now, if none of you feel up to it, I might chance it… I mean, with your counsel and aid, of course…

The Kingmaker

Emrys clapped his hands together loudly and strode to Hegelinde, putting a firm hand on her shoulder, his eyes aglow with merriment.

“Then we are decided!”, he nodded almost amiably at the young Dwarf and turned to face the others.
“All oaths will be sworn during the the celebrations! Now let us go out and feast, for we have won a great victory and live to retell it! And this expedition and these lands has gained a mighty leader!”

The Kingmaker

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