The Path of Kings

The Maiden, The Dwarf and the Wardrobe

Not a CS Lewis story

A letter to the Baroness:


“My dear Lady of the Stonemark

I wish that the circumstances for this writing were less dire.

I have escorted Elana Varn from Olegton so that I could have her hold council with Drogar Dragoneye.
I have relayed to them the story of our encounter with the dread Necromancer and pressed the importance of the need to ally the human and demihuman population of the Province with the Centaur Kwa’s.
In their wisdom, they agreed, but when all formalities had been met, a rather unpleasant surprise reared its head.

Maegar Varn.

Maegar Varn has returned to Varn Hold, claiming that the Stonemark and the Centaurs are in an insidious alliance to divide the Nomen Province amongst themselves.
While I was able to convince the Dragoneye and Lady Varn of the contrary, I was unable to sway Varn’s Master at Arms, Howitt Gurney. Gurney commands a lot of respect from the Varnholdians and because of his support, Maegar Varn was able to retake his seat of power.

The Dragoneye has returned to the Crook taking his heavy infantry with him. Maegar Varn only holds a regiment of his lighter troops to defend his capital, but, needless to say, Drogar will not attack Varn before he shows clear signs of the Necromancer’s influence, nor will he tolerate a military incursion from our side.

I ride now to meet with the Kwa’s, they must be told of our misfortunes in the South and of Maegar Varn’s reappearance. I will have to do my utmost to convince them to not immediately go to war against the Necromancer and his followers. The cost in lives would be too great. They will need to be convinced to hold back their attack until we can marshal more forces to our side and launch a strong and coordinated offensive.

It is my belief that Varn has been put under a mind-altering spell of terrible power and while I have not the mean to break this enchantment, I am convinced that the curse upon our old friend will be broken once the Necromancer has met his doom.

Written in the light of Erastil’s Wisdom


PS: I have made free to have our friend sent to Waterfort with a suitable escort."_


But what about the wardrobe?!


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