The Path of Kings

The Restov Recruits (Session II)

The chase is better than the catch?

Calistril 24th, night

During the battle with “Captain” Ivan Ivanovitch, the combatants accidentally set fire to the slaughterhouse. Under cover of smoke and fire, Ivanovitch managed to escape the premises, leaving the party behind in the confusion. When the group emerged from the building they were apprehended by city guards, who thought – not entirely unjustified – that they had set fire to the slaughterhouse.

During their verification of the party’s story, the guardsmen found a hidden ledger in the remains of the building which had almost been burned to the ground. The ledger detailed the unsavory traffic of sick animals from a certain Gaedran in the village of Nivakta’s Crossing to Restov, and the processing of stray cats, dogs, and rats in the cheap sausages and meat dumplings that Ivanovitch’s slaughterhouse produced. It was clear that Ivanovitch was involved in many a shady business.

The party was then called to the office of Swordlord Jamandi Aldori. Jamandi called upon the group to find the so-called Captain of the expedition into The Greenbelt, put him to justice, and retrieve the charter. In order not to weaken the position of the Swordlord Council vis-à-vis the King-Regent, they were asked to solve this issue in a subtle way.

The group was joined by two new members: the gnome Mirow and the dwarf Thorismund, who had come too late to Restov to join the last expedition.

Calistril 25th

After questioning the gatekeepers of the city if they had seen Ivan Ivanovitch leaving the city, they got to the chase. They traveled along the road in the direction of Nivakta’s Crossing. Spending the night at the grassy plains, they were surprised in their sleep by strange noises, lights, and smells. Emrys Cadarn engaged in some strange ritual to appease fey creatures, and, coincidentally or not, the party was left alone for the remainder of the night. The day after among the cheese and bread crumbs that the old wanderer had left for the fey people, a message could be discerned: “Beware of the Lady with the Green Hair”

Calistril 26th

A half day’s travel later, the group arrived in Nivakta’s Crossing, where they met up with Maegar Varn who had set up camp just outside the village. With the diplomatic skills of Hegelinde Stonemark the party convinced Lord Varn that Ivan Ivanovitch was not to be trusted. In return, the Swordlord promised the group that he would confront Gaedran in the old fishery before his Varnling Host departed to the Nomen Heights.

Meanwhile, Milon got to know a fellow halfling in the “The South” pub in Nivakta’s Crossing. The thuggish little creature, named Eldoran, was glad to hear about the party’s issue with Ivan Ivanovitch, and offered to join them to kick the "Captain"’s butt. Apparently Eldoran had been a rather successful local smuggler and shady businessman before Gaedran and Ivan set up shop a few months ago.

The party left Nivakta’s Crossing and rode hastily further to the West. In the evening they decided to grant their horses (and ponies and wolf steed) only half an hour rest. They continued the chase during the night, in order to surprise Ivan Ivanovitch and his men when they would be still camping and sleeping in the early hours of the morning.

Calistril 27th

The party’s horses (and ponies and wolf steed) did not tire out during the nightly chase and the group was able to catch their quarry by dawn. Only three guards were awake and these were chased away when Emrys took off with the horses. Then the group marched in Ivanovitch’s camp and demanded that he handed over the charter to them. Ivan refused, but his men were still sleepy and ill-equipped from the surprise encounter, and could not put up a decent fight. After a brief battle, Ivan and a few surviving members of his troupe were bound and taken prisoner. Immediately a discussion emerged among the party members whether to send Ivanovitch back to Restov, to Maegar Varn, or to take him to the Greenbelt where they had the authority to put him to justice as a bandit themselves…



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