The Path of Kings

Battle at Oleg's (Session 5) An Orc's POV.

Don't ever underestimate an outnumbered party.

After their inconspicuous attempt at investigating the Wolf’s den, the adventurers suddenly and magically regrouped at Oleg’s tradepost. There, they were visited by a nobleman and his followers from the other province, seeking a new liege. Kesten Garess and his wife were taken along on a hunting trip, to fasten the new bonds between his household and our men. The dwarven and half-orc woman remained to rest and keep an eye on the tradepost.

When the hunting party was half underway, they noticed a small army of Wolves approaching, surely on their way to Oleg’s tradepost. The druid performed some trickery as to distract the troops, after which the whole party made for Oleg’s tradepost, to commence the preparations.

After much deliberation, it was decided that they were not going to win this one on pure strength. Being outnumbered as they were, only trickery could do the job here. Making it look as if the tradepost had been suddenly abandoned or fled from, Kesten’s crew and our adventurers would climb the palisades and hide in sheds. As soon as enough of the army had gotten within the palisades, Neega would close the door and start the ground attack together with Kesten and Thorismund. The then locked-in enemy would surely be slain after which the warriors on the walls could focus on the foes outside of the walls. The main goal would be to capture the two-axed leading woman.

The plan worked flawlessly. After Neega closed the gates, arrows rained down on the Wolves and Kesten’s crew slay many an enemy. Together with the sheer strength and some trickery on the ground, the initial troops were quickly eradicated. Yet the enemy outside seemed suspicious and started climbing the walls. Some adventurers fought bravely and with fear for their lives. In the end, together with the backup, the party was able to slay most of the enemy, capture those left and bind the by-then-unconscious two-axed woman. The question remains. What will the wolf men do, now they know they can be beaten?



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