The Path of Kings

Whispers from the Past

The One-Eyed Menace

“I bring news, oh Great One.” The cyclops prostrated himself before the throne draped in shadows. Only a single, red-glowing light pierced through the darkness.

“It is as You have foreseen, Great One. The Thrallkeepers are no more. These monks of Thassilon looked upon the stars, found the Havero, and tried to bind the creature. It turned against them and consumed them. Now it lies dormant in the Thrallkeeper Monastery.”

A deep voice boomed from within the shadows: “From henceforth the place shall be known as the Acropolis of the Thrallkeepers, and it will function as a warning to the Runelords that the stars are the dominion of Casmaron alone. Even if Thassilon knows now of Earthfall, the Empire is too late to prepare for survival. Only our civilization will emerge victorious from the ashes of the fallen star! The starcastles with the chosen ones are ready to depart.”

The cyclops who lied on the ground shuddered. “But the Observatory is not yet finished, Great One. The magic of the Oculus is unstable…”

“Do you doubt my machinations, Morrodrac?” The voice sneered at the shivering giant below.

“O-of course n-not, Great One.”

“Good. Let the starcastles depart, I will attune the Oculus in time before Earthfall, so that we will be able to call our brethren back from the timeless dimension after the cataclysm. Is the Vault ready?”

“Yes, Great One. Everything is prepared for the Long Wait.”

The voice in the shadows sounded pleased. “You have done well, Morrodrac, and I have picked you as one of the elected to join me in the Long Wait. My own transformation is almost complete. We will sleep for a century and awake when mighty Thassilon and Azlant have perished, and then… we will rule this planet forever!”



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