Maegar Varn

A friendly and intelligent knight of Restov


Maegar Varn is a lesser Swordlord, who has been sent by the Swordlord Council of Restov to reclaim the Nomen Heights region in the Stolen Lands. The Expedition briefly met him and his Varnling Host in Restov.

The party met Maegar Varn for a second time when they passed through Nivakta’s Crossing, chasing Ivan Ivanovitch. Maegar Varn promised them to deal with Ivanovitch’s ally Gaedran in the old fishery before he’d leave for the Nomen Heights.

The Stonemark delegation met Varn for a third time in Varnhold, after they had helped in defending The Crook (Varnhold Pass) against an Orc invasion. Varn was grateful and negotiations about opening a trade route commenced.

Varn sent a group of 50 dwarven warrior to aid in the defense of Stonemark during the Battle of Rivercamp.

Maegar Varn

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