Mika the Mighty

The leader of a group of a hundred halfling refugees


An old friend of Milon, Mika the Mighty is a bard who’s seen much of Brevoy and its surrounding lands. As a “Tiller” in the Bellflower network, Mika has taken upon her the leadership over a group of halfling ex-slaves, and is looking for a place to call home.

When Mika bumped into Milon at the Land Diet, she saw an opportunity for her people to find a new home in the Stonemark. When the Stonemark Delegation heard about the impending Wolflord attack, Milon assembled a group of 50 halfling warriors, and together with Mika the Mighty, they rode southwards. They arrived and joined the Battle of Rivercamp late at night, and helped routing the attackers.

Mika the Mighty

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