Domain IV The North Narles

Name: The North Narles
Description: The North Narles partially cover the plains and woods of the northern Narlmarches .
Capital: Northnarles (village)
Governed hexes: 10, 11, 12, 42, 43
Leader abilities

  • Strength:
  • Dexterity:
  • Constitution:
  • Intelligence:
  • Wisdom:
  • Charisma:

Domain abilities

  • Power:
  • Commerce:
  • Economy:
  • Statecraft:
  • Prestige:
  • Authority:

Domain ability modifiers:

Total hexes: 5
Domain Control DC: 18 (10+5+3)

Tax level:
Security level:


Total hex food production: 1485
Total hex resource production: 185
Total hex bullion production: None
Settlement modifier: x3 (village)
Total food production: 4455
Total resource production: 555
Total bullion production: None

Total food consumption: 300 (200+100)
Total resource consumption: 38 (25+13)

Food surplus before taxes:
Resource surplus before taxes:
Bullion surplus before taxes:

Domain Treasury
Food storage:
Resource storage:
Bullion storage:

Domain IV The North Narles

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