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Here you find brief stories about campaign locales, foes and friends, history and legends, campaign rules and mechanics, and so on.

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Brevoy Glenebon Uplands Iobaria Nivakta’s Crossing Nomen Heights Numeria Oleg’s Trade Post Restov River Kingdoms Stolen Lands Tatzlford The Greenbelt The Slough


Charter The Stetven Compromise The Taking of the Stolen Lands


The Battle at Oleg’s Tradepost The Battle of Rivercamp The Carnival of Tears The Varnhold Vanishing


Akiros Mort Azkathe Baron Hannis Drelev Belana Strongarm Duchess Sarrona Lebeda Duke Gurven Medvyed Duke Kozek Lodovka Duke Poul Orlovsky Duke Toval Golka-Garess Elanna Varn Eldoran Ivan Ivanovitch Jamandi Aldori Content Not Found: Kessle Kesten Garess Lady Natala Surtova Lord-Regent Noleski Surtova Maegar Varn Oleg Leveton Perlivash Svetlana Leveton Tania The Lady with the Green Hair


These rules will be continuously updated through play testing.

Kingdom Building Rules

Basic Concepts
Governance Phases
List of Domain improvements
List of Realm improvements
List of Domain and Realm Spells

Realm, Domains, and Hexes

Realm Sheet

Domain I The Trade Lands
Domain II The River Lands
Domain III The Shieldmark
Domain IV The North Narles
Domain V Crown Lands
Domain VI Skunkshire
Domain VII Applehills
Domain VIII The Kamelands

List of Explored and Governed Hexes

Vassals and Trade Partners

Vassal I Silverstep Nomads
Vassal II Sootscale Kobold Clan

Trade Partner I Restov
Trade Partner II Rostland
Trade Partner III The Nomen Province
Trade Partner IV Mivon
Trade Partner V Drelev Barony

Mass Combat Rules

Tactical Combat
Military Units
Military Actions

Military Power of the Realm


Unit I Halfling Riders
Unit II Ivanovitch
Unit III Mivon Mercenaries
Unit IV Stonemark Crossbowmen
Unit V Kamelands Mercenary Spearmen
Unit VI Kamelands Mercenary Skirmishers
Unit VII Kamelands Silverstep Nomads
Unit VIII Syagrius’ Honor Guard
Unit IX Sootscale Kobold Spearmen

KIA: Unit I Garess

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