River Kingdoms

The River Kingdoms

The River Kingdoms are located in the marshy lowlands of the Sellen River basin, where its three branches combine in their journey south to the Inner Sea. The region borders on Numeria and Brevoy in the north, Galt and Kyonin to the south, and Razmiran and Ustalav to the west. There are few roads throughout the land, and the branching web of the Sellen and its tributaries provide the primary means of transportation through and within the region. Spread throughout the land are city-states and fortresses of various sizes and populations, some of which seem to appear overnight, and many that are wiped off the map just as quickly in the constant feuding between settlements.
The River Kingdoms have long been a haven for inland pirates, anarchists, exiles, and anyone who can’t seem to make it in more civilized nations. The Kingdoms are by no means a unified nation, but rather a constantly shifting group of city-states and fiefdoms, each at war with the others both to gain more power and to prevent their own demise.

Nations bordering the south of the Stolen Lands:


Capital: Pitax
Ruler: Castruccio Irovetti.
Other settlements: Mormouth, Sarain
Pitax is the domain of Castruccio Irovetti, a petty tyrant who fancies himself a god. Pitax is a city filled with trashy art and bad sculpture, created by the masses of enslaved artists and poets that Irovetti maintains to massage his ego.


Capital: Mivon
Ruler: Mayor Raston Selline
It was to Mivon that many of the Aldori swordlords fled after Choral the Conquerer overthrew the nation of Rostland to create modern day Brevoy. Many swordlords settled in Mivon bringing with them the experience and knowledge of the ancient art of the swordlords. Warriors from as far as way Garund make pilgrimages to Mivon to learn the secrets of the swordlords, in order to do this the applicant must best a series of increasingly tough duels.

River Kingdoms

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