Tactical Combat

Tactical combat begins when at least two antagonistic military units face each other in a hex. Tactical combat follows, in broad lines, the rules of a normal combat encounter.

Initiative. All military units roll initiative and act on their turn.

Time. Depending on the scale of combat, one mass combat round may represent 1 minute, 10 minutes, or 1 hour of in-game time.

Actions. Military units can take actions just like characters in a normal combat encounter (full-round, immediate, move, standard, swift). See: Military Units

Tactical Movement. Movement of military units is expressed in feet or miles, depending on the scale of combat. The GM draws positions on the battlefield. Take into account the increments for ranged attacks.

Victory/Defeat. When a unit reaches 0 hit points it is defeated. Most of its forces are dead, some of them flee the battle, whereas others join the closest allied unit to continue fighting. Whenever a unit is defeated, 10% of its original total hit points are transferred to the closest allied unit. However, from that moment onwards this unit suffers a -1 penalty to its will saves as long as the battle continues. When the last unit is defeated or disbanded or has withdrawn from combat, the enemy forces are routed and defeated.

Tactical Combat

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