The Stetven Compromise

The Stetven Compromise

Drafted by Lord Maegar Varn, Governor of the Nomen Province, member of the Restov Swordlord Council.

The Great Houses of Brevoy – Garess, Lebeda, Lodovka, Medvyed, Orlovsky, Rogarvia, and Surtova – assembled at the Land Diet of ___________, hereby declare that:

By the grace of the Land Diet, Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of the Dragonscale Throne, is declared Monarch and Suzerain of the Kingdom of Brevoy, and is granted the title of King.

In the case of death or abdication of the Monarch, the Dragonscale Throne is occupied by the first dynast of House Surtova. The line of succession is as follows: first, the Monarch’s natural or adoptive child, which has been legally recognized and appointed as heir; second, the Monarch’s eldest natural or adoptive child, which has been legally recognized; third, the Monarch’s eldest sibling of the first degree, which has been legally recognized. If there is no successor, a Land Diet will be convened that chooses, by majority vote, a suitable King from the line of House Surtova. In the extraordinary case that there is no Surtova dynast at all, the Land Diet may choose a Monarch from the ranks of one of the other Great Houses.

§1. tris.
Should the successor be younger than 16 years old, a Land Diet will be convened that chooses a Regent from House Surtova, until the Monarch comes to the age of 16.

§1. quater.
Should a person claim to be a descendent of King Choral the Conqueror of House Rogarvia, and should he be backed by a commission of three leading Lords of the Great Houses, a Land Diet will be convened to investigate and ascertain this allegation. If the Land Diet, by majority vote, declares the claimant as the genuine dynast of House Rogarvia, the Surtova Monarch will immediately abdicate in favor of the Rogarvia heir.

The Kingdom of Brevoy is one and indivisible. It is bounded by the Lake of Mists and Veils to the North, by the Icerime Peaks and the realm of Iobaria to the East, by the Golushkin Mountains and the realm of Numeria to the West, and by the southern frontiers of the region called the Stolen Lands, which borders the realms of Pitax and Mivon.

The Kingdom of Brevoy contains three dominions: first, the Issian States, which contains the lands of House Garess, House Surtova, House Lodovka, House Orlovsky, and House Medvyed; second, the Arch-Duchy of Rostland, which contains the lands of House Lebeda and House Rogarvia; and third, the Aldori Protectorate, which contains the lands of Restov, the Nomen Province, the Stonemark, and the Drelev Barony. These three entities recognize the Monarch of the Dragonscale Throne as their Suzerain, but are granted autonomy with regard to all matters of domestic political, judicial, fiscal, and military affairs.

As Suzerain, the Monarch has a duty towards his subjects to protect and uphold the integrity, stability, justice, law, and honor of the Kingdom. Conversely, the Monarch has the right to declare war and peace, to grant mercy as he sees fit, to preside any court of law, to give and take away lands and noble titles to and from any subject, and to demand a fair and just tribute from his vassals. As vassals to the Suzerain, the Great and Lesser Houses of Brevoy are obliged to aid and assist their Liege to the best of their capacities. In return, they have the right to set up their own laws, traditions, and customs in their domains, to preside local courts of justice, and to collect taxes as they see fit.

The exertion of authority and power by the Suzerain is not bound by any parliament or council. However, the capacity of the Monarch to rule might be called into question on the grounds of mental, physical, and moral grounds – for example in the forms of madness, paralysis, or dishonor. A commission of three leading Lords of the Great Houses has the right to convene a Land Diet to deliberate on the capacity of the Monarch to rule. If the Land Diet, by majority vote, confirms the Monarch’s incapacity to rule, he will be forced to abdicate, and he will be immediately succeeded by his dynast, as outlined in §1.

The King’s court remains in the city of New Stetven, and its surrounding lands are considered the domain of the Crown.

From this moment onward, a yearly Land Diet will be held, where games and a festival will be held in honor of the Dragonscale Throne, where vassals renew their vows to Brevoy and the Monarch. Each of the Great Houses will host the Land Diet alternately. The decision where and when the next Land Diet will be held, is always taken at the current Land Diet.

The Stetven Compromise

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