Unit VI Kamelands Mercenary Skirmishers

Description: A unit of mercenary skirmishers, originating from nomads in the Kamelands
Commander: Uzra Man-Killer

Type: Platoon / Specialization: Light Infantry
Size: Colossal(long) / Space: 50 squares, avg. 50 soldiers

Initiative: +4
Speed: 40ft/rnd, 4 miles/hour, 32 miles/day
HD: 10d8 HP 99
AC: 17, touch 11, ff19
BAB: + 7
Melee: + 14, 5d8 (19-20×2)
Ranged: + 10, 5d8 (20×2)
Saves: Fort + 6, Ref + 8, Will + 6
Special: hit and run: move, attack, move again
1/encounter: swift counterattack: immediate attack when opponent misses
1/encounter: opportunity attack: immediate attack when adjacent opponent moves

Feats: fleet of foot, fast movement, improved initiative, hit and run, offensive stance (permanent), lightning reflexes, swift counterattack, opportunity attack
Tier: Regular (+3 feats, +30% HP)

Hire cost: 3,000gp
(Consumption: 70 food)
(Upkeep: 70 resources)

Unit VI Kamelands Mercenary Skirmishers

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