Vassal II Sootscale Kobold Clan

Sootscale Kobold Clan


The Sootscale clan is located in a cavern complex along the Shrike river, to the northeast of the Lonely Barrow landmark. They came into contact with the Stonemark heroes when the group freed a member of the clan from a tribe of mites. At the end of the summer, the druid and diplomat Emrys granted the Sootscale clan domains the status of protectorate within the Stonemark Barony.


Chief Sootscale rules his clan.

Treaty conditions

The Stonemark extends its military and political protection over the lands of the Sootscale Clan and acknowledges its full autonomy. In exchange, the Sootscale clan support the Stonemark with a squad of spearmen in times of war, and a tribute of food (300 points) per season.

Treaty renewal

Each season the conditions of the treaty are open for negotiation. The treaty is considered annulled when one of the parties fails to fulfill its obligations. Hostility may arise when the treaty is broken without mutual consent.

Vassal II Sootscale Kobold Clan

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