The Path of Kings

A Knightly Correspondence

“To my brother-in-arms,
Sir Orodreth Heru-Luin
Knight of Calistria,
First diplomat of Mivon
Victor of the battle of the Rivercamp

It is my sincere hope this letter will find you well and in good health. While the rigors of crossing the realms of life and death would wear down the mightiest of heroes, I do not have a single doubt that in due time you will once again rise to your former strength and beyond. Please forgive my lack of courtesy for not taking the time to address you properly, as one in your standing deserves and ought to be. Time is a currency we currently lack. My devout servant shall inform you further of the tidings summarized in this letter.

At present we have left the Crook with utmost haste and are making way for the Kamelands. Maegar Varn and his bannermen have vanished. Literally. I assisted Lady Stonemark and her company in the recapture of Varnhold. A troop of spriggans, serving as vanguard of the Fey Demoness’ army, had occupied the keep. After dispatching them to the realms of death, we discovered they were not responsible for the abduction of Varn and his people. Lady Stonemark is bent on retrieving her ally. Aided solely by her most faithful bannermen she is now exploring the Centaur lands for answers and allies. While I appreciate my liege’s tactical acumen, I feel there are other strategic matters that need to be addressed too. Matters affecting both Mivon and the Stonemark.

My scouts have reported that remnants of the monstrous horde have collided with the werewolves of the western marches in the Stonemark. While several members of our small council rejoice in their mutual slaughter, I have misgivings about its potential outcome. What if one party emerges victoriously and incorporates the other? This we cannot and will not allow. I have instructed my men to observe and obstruct where necessary. While respecting the boarders established between Mivon and the Stonemark, they may find themselves in the twilight zone of both lands. The Kamelands have already found new allies ready to assist us should war spill over our border. Though I am happy to grant my warriors their share of glory, I have to consider the safety of all citizens of our lands. It is in this matter I seek your aid.

Sarenrae rarely redistributes life liberally. Your duty, your honour, and your valour were restored for the greater good of the people of our realms. No man doubts it was your timely intervention that turned the tide during the battle of the Rivercamp. We will need the aid of Mivon – and your heroics – once more in the near future.

In the faith of our gods,

Sword Lord of the Kamelands"

- Well that was a cartload of pompous wank. Are you sure you don’t want to add another half dozen of his titles?
- Please mind your words, dear Oswald. The man was barely snatched from an untimely grave. Grant him some respite.
- Alright, alright… By the way, do I have to dot every second or every third sentence? Elven grammar always gives me a headache…
- That will not be necessary. Should there be nothing else to feel good about, I am sure my comrade will appreciate the superiority of his native tongue when employed falteringly by lowly outlanders.
- So lowly you opted for only that title?
- Modesty in might, Oswald. Modesty in might. Should the urgency of our appeal – and the debt Orodreth owes us – be insufficient, Mivon will understand they have a new but familiar neighbour. Now let us pray to the Everlight for endurance in the toils ahead of us.


Hop, hop! de GM schiet een dikke postduif richting Mivon af

A Knightly Correspondence

Met ‘devout servant’ had ik niet echt Speckled Jim in gedachten, maar als ie zich van zijn taak kwijt mag hij wel ook een follower worden ;-)

A Knightly Correspondence

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