The Taking of the Stolen Lands

Only one copy of this book is known to exist. Originally composed at the end of the 5th millennium after the founding of Aroden, its ink has faded and its binding loosened considerably.
The book is bound in green, worn leather and has suffered significantly throughout its long existence, as it is scarred by numerous cuts, scorch marks and water damage.

The first chapters in the book chronicle the tumultuous founding of a kingdom centred in the Greenbelt, an area dominated by the Narlmarches and the Kamelands.
The following chapters describe the growth of the kingdom and its involvement in numerous conflicts with its surrounding states.
The final and most worn chapters are comprised of several treatises on the nature of the fey and boggart races.

Due to its state, several chapters and passages have become all but illegible.

Several authors’ hands can be found in the text, but due to the title page being missing, none have been identified by name, though several scholars suspect close involvement of court officials.

[This book grants its reader a +5 competence bonus to Knowledge (History) or (Local) checks concerning the Stolen Lands, and a +2 competence bonus on Knowledge (Nature) checks made concerning Fey and Boggarts.)

The Taking of the Stolen Lands

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